“Roeland’s paintings clearly betray a fascination for the dynamics of people interacting as well as an eye for the small expressions that reveal a person’s character and state of mind. Driven by this fascination, Roeland has painted family, friends, colleagues and sometimes complete strangers in group settings.

The familiar feeling and liveliness of his paintings are as much the result of creating these settings in which people feel comfortable to freely express themselves, as they are the result of Roeland’s broad experience in technique and composition. As he has expressed to me, composing a painting starts with cooking the meal for the dinner party of which an image is later created by his hand.

Roeland was born in the Netherlands in 1978 and graduated at the Royal Art Academy in ‘s Hertogenbosch in 2004. Roeland has had several exhibitions in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium, France, Poland and the USA.”

Pieter van den Berg, MA


April 2024

Solo Ateliers: Museum de Wieger.

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