“I am fascinated by people – why we choose to gather, what food we share, which outfits we enjoy. I simply observe, and my observations can fit any period. The spontaneity of such occasions intrigue me, as individuals dress up, place a bottle of their favourite wine on the table, and effortlessly start to talk.

I watch. I stare. I also wonder about events before and after the moment I have caught on canvas.

Because the image itself is only the start of a longer conversation. That is why I prefer real contact with my subjects, whether they are strangers or my friends. People may have come together on impulse, or the tableau may be staged. Once the group is together, the occasion generates its own unique discussions, expressions, atmosphere, authenticity. Even when lodged in our history, it will resonate today.”


A.P.B. – USA
“Roeland is professional, talented and fantastic to work with. We absolutely treasure his painting and know it will bring smiles and joy for generations to come.”

R.S. – Scotland
“wow!! wow!!! & wow again. it is difficult to express how magical an experience having Roeland produce my commission was. his communication & passion for the project were first class, my every whim, every addition & change were met positively until the finished article which I had kept secret was unveiled to some of the 30 plus friends who appear in the painting. it was exciting, fun & emotional. thank you Roeland for this wonderful experience & your great humor & most of all your wonderful talent. best regards & thank you again.”

E.K. – Canada
“This is my very first artwork that I purchased and it has certainly been a very pleasant experience working with Roeland. He was very easy to communicate. Artwork packaging was also very professional and neat. My wife and I loved the painting. I love the way how his paintings are nestling such positive feelings. This piece will always have a special place in our home.”

C.G. – Germany
“Stunning artwork. Turbo delivery. Expert packaging. Fantastic communication. Did I mention the stunning artwork? The artwork is stunning! Could not be happier and it is my absolute pleasure to recommend further.”